our values

our vision

"The child is capable of developing and giving us tangible proof of the possibility of a better humanity.

- Maria Montessori

At Rogers Park Montessori School, we believe all children carry within themselves the adults they will become, and we envision a world where a child’s education allows that adult to emerge and grow.

our mission

Using the Montessori philosophy of education, our school community inspires each child to reach his or her highest potential, as an individual and a learner, and to become a vital member of the global community.

what guides us

We are guided by the progression of peace: within self, relationships, school, community, and ultimately, peace throughout the greater world.     

we value

- A joy and thirst for discovery

- Self-reliance

- A sensitive and respectful regard for others

- Empathy and compassion

- The ability to collaborate 

- The ability to think analytically 

- Pride in academic achievement 

- A sense of place in, and contribution to, our community 

- An understanding of the interdependence of all that exists within the global environment

  • Pride in academic achievement

  • A joy and thirst for discovery

  • Self reliance

  • A sensitive and respectful regard for others

  • The ability to collaborate

  • An understanding of the interdependence of all that exists within the global environment

  • A sense of place and contribution in his/her community


Diversity at RPMS includes the collection of our similarities and differences based on characteristics we are born with and/or experiences we have had, including race, religion, family composition and construct, socio-economic level, ethnicity, heritage, gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, language, physical abilities, and learning differences and style.

we believe

We believe that having a diverse community of students, parents, faculty, and board, representative of the broader community in Chicago, will foster in our students the ability to value and respect the differences among us, leading them to become more thoughtful and capable citizens of our community and world.

We believe that peace within self and in relationships begins with the sense of belonging and the ability to accept and embrace others. Our inclusive environment is fostered not only by the faculty and staff at RPMS, but by the students’ regard for each other as classmates and community members.

We believe that every human being should be treated with fairness and dignity.  We recognize that our world, both locally and globally, at times falls short of that ideal.  We believe our children should learn skills to help make the world a more just place for all.  

We believe that our world is interconnected and our students, in order to be vital members of the global community, must build cultural competency to navigate that world with respect, empathy, and depth of understanding.


1800 W. Balmoral Ave Chicago, IL 60640

phone: 773.271.1700      email: info@rpms.org

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