When you choose a school for your child, you choose a community for your family. We are proud of Rogers Park Montessori School’s close-knit community, and view our parent body as one of our greatest assets. Throughout the school year, parents have opportunities to show their support in meaningful ways: through financial contributions, by volunteering time and services to support school events and special projects, by serving as leaders on the Board of Directors or other committees, and by actively participating in their children’s education.


parent association

A thriving parent body lies at the heart of our school. The RPMS Organization Of Talents and Services (ROOTS) was formed by parents to support the environment inspiring our children to reach their highest potential.  Every parent or guardian of an RPMS student is automatically a member of ROOTS.

The guiding mandate of the RPMS Parent Association (ROOTS) is to support the school in helping to serve the needs of the child and enrich the RPMS community. Activities of the organization shall be planned and evaluated by their effectiveness in fulfilling this mission.

To fulfill its mission, ROOTS aspires to the following goals:

  • Provide assistance to teachers and staff to support their role as educators
  • Encourage and facilitate parent involvement, volunteerism and fundraising
  • Foster a community of families
  • Nurture and provide vehicles for open and effective communication within the community of families and between families and the school

ROOTS sponsors many activities and external volunteer opportunities throughout the year and holds quarterly parent meetings, to which all everyone is invited.  These meetings are an excellent way to meet fellow parents, learn how to get involved, find out what's happening in the school, and take part in parent education opportunities.

roots committees

The work of ROOTS is carried out by the ROOTS Leadership Team and fifteen committees. The ROOTS Leadership Team coordinates the overall activities of ROOTS, works with the Director of Advancement on coordinating school activities and volunteer opportunities, and assists the Principal with strategic initiatives, as requested. CLICK HERE to read more information about the committees and how to get involved.

parent education

From classroom observations and presentations to more formal educational sessions, parent education is offered in many different formats. Opportunities to learn about the Montessori philosophy, the RPMS curriculum, and your child’s progress abound.

Observations: Parents are invited to observe in their child’s classroom to see a typical day

Parent Teacher Conferences: Formal and informal parent teacher conferences provide insight into your child’s development and progress

Parent and Parent/Child Nights: In both fall and spring, each class holds gatherings for families to get to know each other and the school environment

"Moving Through Montessori": In January, parents with children ages 4 and up are encouraged to attend our open house, which familiarizes parents with the Montessori curriculum and co-curricular programs at RPMS, especially as it relates to children transitioning from one level to another.

Performances: Elementary and middle school children present music and drama performances throughout the year

Student Showcases: Extended Day through middle school students take part in different “fairs,” which the parents are invited to attend to showcase projects and work.

High School Orientation: Special presentations about the high school admissions process are offered in the fall

Parent Educational Opportunities: Parents are the first and primary teachers of their children, and when parents and school work together, children benefit greatly.  To assist you in this partnership, we offer opportunities throughout the year to hear from faculty, administration, or outside speakers on a variety of topics.


Volunteers offer vital time and talent to our community and in return reap the rewards of contributing to the success of our school and our students. Below are some opportunities to get involved.

  • Annual Gala (Spring Event/Springtacular)
  • Board of Directors and Committees
  • Book Fair
  • Carpool & Crossing Guards
  • Diversity and Inclusion Committee
  • Grandparents’ Day
  • New Family Ambassadors
  • Pumpkinpalooza
  • Room Coordinators
  • ROOTS (Parent Association)
  • School Picnics
  • Teacher Staff Love Meals
  • Write an article for the "Moveable Alphabet"

Looking for additional ways to volunteer and get involved with RPMS? Read our VOLUNTEER HANDBOOK or contact for more volunteer opportunities. CLICK HERE to fill out our online questionnaire.


welcome to banyan room!

In 2016 the Banyan Tree took its place as the official “room” of the RPMS Alumni Association. This “room” includes all alumni, parents of alumni, former faculty and staff members, and other friends of RPMS.

The meaning in choosing the Banyan Tree for the Alumni Association:

  • Begin life growing on trees that came before them
  • Are important gathering places
  • Have long, deep roots
  • Have branches that symbolize unity

Our mission is to help members maintain meaningful connections with our community, discover new associations, and keep the vibrant spirit of Rogers Park Montessori School alive for generations to come. Our members embody and support the mission and values of RPMS in their personal and professional lives. Together, we work to preserve the RPMS culture and inspire the continuation of a lifelong love of learning.

The wide-reaching branches of the Banyan Room work directly with RPMS to support a full spectrum of events and needs, from social gatherings, to inspirational learning opportunities, to supporting the ongoing and future needs of our school.  The Banyan Room connects, celebrates, and engages alumni and friends of RPMS through events that knit the alumni community together, building lifelong relationships.

Banyan Room members, please update us on your life HERE.

grandparents & special friends

Grandparents’ Day gives grandparents and special friends an opportunity to learn more about a "day in the life" of an RPMS student.  At RPMS we value the partnership we have with our children and their families, and recognize that extended family members are an integral part of a child’s educational journey.  Our guests gather for a brief reception with our Principal, then visit classrooms with their loved one(s).

This years Grandparents Day will be held on Friday, May 10, 2019.

Please update us at to make sure we have the postal and email addresses for your extended family members to receive invitations to this event. Questions about Grandparents’ Day can be directed to Kim Romain at or 773.271.1700 x414.

For five decades, grandparents and special friends have been central to the RPMS family.  Grandparents and special friends have volunteered in classrooms, attended Grandparents’ Day, plays, and graduations, and have made generous gifts to support the school.  In fact, it was grandparents who gave the lead gift to build our exceptional facility. 

Grandparents and special friends receive several publications and event announcements from the school throughout the year, including the Moveable Alphabet newsletter and Grandparents’ Day invitations.  

We also love hearing news about our grandparents and special friends!  Have something interesting to share?  Email us at and we will include your story on our website or in an upcoming edition of the Moveable Alphabet, the bi-annual newsletter for alumni, grandparents, and special friends.

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