add RPMS calendars to google

Note: This is a prerequisite to syncing calendars in the Google Calendar App on Android devices (and iOS devices if you use the Google Calendar app rather than the built in Calendar app).

Tip: Opening Google calendar in a separate window from this page will prove helpful.

  1. Login to Google Calendar on the web ( with your Gmail (or Google Apps) account.
  2. Copy the ical address (found below these steps) of the calendar you wish to add.
  3. Back in Google Calendar, click the drop down menu of "Other calendars" in left pane.  (See screenshot at bottom of this page.)
  4. Choose Add by URL.
  5. Paste address into the URL field of the Add by URL window.
  6. Click Add Calendar.
  7. Repeat steps 2-6 for each calendar you would like to add.

Addresses for RPMS Calendars

All School

RPMS Children's House

RPMS Elementary

RPMS Middle School

Screenshot of "Add by URL" Option

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excelerate accreditation

isacs accreditation

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