welcome families!

    8/31/2021 (Tuesday) 

    Middle School Begins

    9/2 and 9/3/2021 (Thursday-Friday) 

    Children's House & Elementary Meet & Greets for students entering a new classroom 

    9/6/2021 (Monday) 

    No School-Labor Day

    9/7/2021 (Tuesday) 

    No School-Rosh Hashanah

    9/8/2021 (Wednesday) 

    First day of school for:

    All Toddlers (Phase-In One Hour)

    Returning 4 and 5 Year-Olds  (including Canopy)

    NEW 5 Year-Olds (including Canopy)

    Returning 1st and 4th Grade Students

    NEW 1st - 6th Grade Students

    9/9/2021 (Thursday) 

    First day of school for:

    NEW 3 and 4 Year-Olds (Phase-In One Hour)
    Returning 2nd, 3rd
    , 5th, and 6th Grade Students

    All Toddlers continue Phase-In (One Hour)

    9/10/2021 (Friday) 

    All Toddlers come for the full morning

    NEW 3's and 4's - continue Phase-In (One Hour)


    how to get involved at RPMS

    Join The Family Association:

    The Rogers Park Montessori School Family Association (RPMS FA) nurtures and strengthens the RPMS community by bringing together families in support of the school and its students. Run by a team of parent volunteers, the FA facilitates meaningful volunteer opportunities for all families. No matter your interests, skills, or availability, there is an opportunity for you to contribute to the school community. Every parent or guardian of an RPMS student is automatically a member of the Family Association.

    Not sure where to start? Click here to email a member of our FA Leadership Team who will be in touch.

    Having trouble receiving email? 

    No need to email your teacher for any email issues! We have help here, and resources dedicated to solving these issues.

    Here are some hints and a dedicated email address to solve any problems!

    Each Family should receive these emails each week:

    1. Daily Ruvna Screening links
    2. Thursday E-dition (if you are reading this, you are good!)
    3. Classroom Room Coordinator (RC) Emails for each classroom in which you have a student. 

    If you think you are not getting email from school, please follow all these steps:

    1. Check spam! (it can also help to search all email for "admin@rpmschool.org",health@rpms.org, or your RC's email address, in quotes.)
    2. Log on to RPMS and go to the Parent Dropdown for Update Student Profile and make sure your email addresses are listed under P1 and P2.  Make sure you do this for each child!  it's important that they match across students)

    Help your email platform by adding these email addresses as "safe senders" in the webmail version of your email (AND Outlook if you also use that) 

    1. admin@rpmschool.org 
    2. health@rpms.org 
    3. Your RC's email address(es)

    Still no luck?  You may have inadvertently unsubscribed to either RPMS or RC emails.  Email registrar@rpms.org with any problems or questions. 

    school management

    Click on image or title to contact us!

    Ben Blair

    Julie Einstein
    Director of Admissions

    Laura McCoskey
    General Manager

    Andrea Fouste
    Health Administrator

    Kayla Willis
    School Counselor

    Donna Harnett

    Liz Shanahan
    Elementary Director

    Sharon Kurth

    Susan Richter

    Billy Surber
    Dir. of Advancement

    Kyle McCoskey
    Facilities Manager

    1800 W. Balmoral Ave Chicago, IL 60640

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